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Senior Center Oklahoma City OK

When people become senior citizens, they would need a place where they would feel comfortable and secured. Plus, their needs will be attended to by experts and professionals. You might think that your home is the best place for your elder to spend his or her senior years, it could be true if they do not need much attention. However, being an elder requires a lot of care. You would be busy with your daily life and probably will have little attention to your beloved senior. So the ideal way is to let your senior enter a Senior Center. Senior Center Oklahoma City provides different elderly care services that would suit their needs. From activities to medical care, we have them all at our facilities.

Your seniors may need some activities to keep their well-being, then you can join our exercises and other socialization programs. For medical conditions, our medical professionals are always available for your elderly anytime.

But what makes Senior Center Oklahoma City unique compared with the other senior center facilities?

The first unique point that we offer is that we accept people as young as 50 years old. If your senior is planning to have an early retirement because of choice or a medical condition, you do not need to worry as we have the perfect place for your beloved senior. People age differently; some medical conditions for the elderly might be present to some middle-aged individuals. In this case, they would have to choose to retire early and get elderly care services. It is a good thing that we accept younger senior citizens.

Part of senior centers entertain the elderly, and we are no different from them. But what we have are not just ordinary entertainment activities. We have card games, such as bingo, but these card games promote socialization and human interaction. It is a good way for your senior to have fun, meaningful conversations with different people, not only to the same age group but also with our staff. Aside from card games, we also offer TV and other entertainment systems. Your elder can listen to their favorite music in any genre or watch TV with friends. They can talk endlessly about the film they have just seen, and this is an excellent way to release any negative emotional feeling.

Because of our complete facilities, your seniors can maintain or enhance their health. With our comprehensive and up-to-date medical equipment, their health will be monitored, and proper medical treatment will be given for any medical condition. We also have physical exercises, like yoga, to help your seniors be more flexible and release all those tensions trapped in their joints. Our medical experts carefully created these exercise regimes to benefit the elderly. Our professionals are there during the program so your beloved elder can receive assistance.

And since we focus on the senior citizen’s health, we make sure that your elder gets nutritious meals every day, three times a day. Our nutritionists and dieticians carefully prepare the full course meals to ensure that your elder is getting the right amount of nutrients for their daily lives. The ingredients are guaranteed fresh and packed with vitamins and minerals. In case of allergies, your elder may request an alternative by informing our staff to relay the message to our professional chefs.


For a better, comfortable place to live, it is better for your senior to live at Senior Center Oklahoma City because their needs will be provided accordingly. Call us now, and we will give you the full details of our services and fees. We will make your elder enjoy his or her senior years with us.