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Respite Care Oklahoma City

For some instances, the primary caregiver will be emergency needing a break or vacation for personal matters. Luckily, Respite Care Oklahoma City is now ready to render respite services for short-term relief for your loved ones.

Seniors, injured, and disabled individuals depend on others' help due to mobility and vision problems and loss of strength. They need someone who can assist them in their daily routines, especially in personal care, which is very important and has a significant impact on someones' health.

Respite services can be at home, daycare centers, nursing facilities, and some assisted communities. It is a Day Care center that accommodates respite care patients for a few hours or a whole day. Respite care at home and other assisted facilities can be a few days, weeks, or as long as the primary caregiver asked for a break, a vacation, or needed because of some family emergencies.

Types of Respite Care

  • In-home Services. The caregiver will render In-home services at home where the patient is living the whole day and overnight.
  • Daycare Centers. The patient will be taken out at a daycare center for few hours and up to the whole day.
  • Assisted Community or Nursing Home. For some instances, there is no available option to take care of your loved ones at home, and you can bring them to nursing facilities to have taken care 24 hours in the whole period of stay.
  • A visiting Care. If you only need assistance daily or every week, you can arrange for visiting respite carer; this provides required minimal service.


Over the years of service, our team of dedicated, skilled, trained, and experienced caregivers provide the highest standard of care and support needed by your loved ones even you are not around. Rest assured that the patient will be well-taken care of to the fullest.

A carer will take charge of taking care of your loved ones once you and the primary caregiver are not around. They will provide support and assistance around the clock according to the care plan that depends on the patient's ability. Upon assessment, a care plan is vital to ensure that our carers meet all the patient's needs and render a quality service beyond the expectation. Carer's daily routine is:

  • Personal Care. Personal care plays an essential role in health; it promotes cleanliness to make an individual feel comfortable. It includes bathing, physical grooming such as dressing, cutting off toes and fingernails, putting lotions on, and combing hair. Hygienic practices are also under personal care.
  • Nursing Care. Nursing care needs are also part of caregiving. These involve draining of catheter or continence support, wound dressing, giving of prescribed medicines and supplements.
  • Mobility Support. Mainly, a patient who needs assistance are individuals with mobility problems such as elders, injured or disabled; carers will help them move safely. If patients need walking aids or a wheelchair, we need proper transferring in and out of bed.
  • Housekeeping. Like households are included on the job description such as cleaning to maintain a clean environment, washing dishes and organizing to the dish cabinets, sometimes meal preparation, loading laundry and drying clothes, and run errands.
  • Communication. Carers are responsible for communicating and arranging every patient's appointment like medical, business-related, and even social events. They also need to arrange for transportation for those appointments.
  • Companionship. The highlight of being a caregiver. They need to accompany the patient everywhere they go and whatever they do.

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If you are in trouble because your caregiver unplanned asked for a break? No worries, Respite Care Oklahoma City is ready to help any time to provide responsible respite carers in Oklahoma City, OK. For booking and preferences, kindly call us, and we will assist with your concern promptly.