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Housekeeping service in Oklahoma City

A house is tacked with dust and specks of dirt every day; a regular cleaning schedule to maintain a good and tidy look. If you have a hard time cleaning due to a hectic schedule, you are still lucky; the Housekeeping service in Oklahoma City can assist and provide the best housekeeping service in Oklahoma City.

Each of our team is required to undergo training regarding different equipment and tools that they will be going to use in doing housekeeping. A good housekeeper must familiar with and can classify those cleaning materials to provide a good service. Throughout the years of service, they are skilled in operating different electrical machines properly.

Different equipment for housekeeping We provide

Non-electrical Equipment:

  • Microfiber Cloth - Use to wipe surfaces of the entire house, especially glass-like windows and mirrors.
  • Dusters are the equipment used in dusting the entire surface of the house, especially with the miniature displays.
  • Mops - to clean the floor more accessible, you need first a wet mop, then a dry mop to dry up the entire floor.
  • Broom - to clean dust and dirt on the surface floor.
  • Brush - to scrub with stains like the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Different liquid Cleaner - Different liquid types in cleaning specific parts of the house. For example, the toilet needs a toilet cleanser, on the kitchen will also have another one.

Electrical Equipment:

  • Vacuum Cleaner - Home cleaner service Oklahoma City commonly uses it to clean perfectly and efficiently, especially on the house's carpeted parts. It is the best solution for deep cleaning.

Services We Offer

A housekeeper and house cleaner are pretty different even they sound like the same. The difference is just a house cleaner does a deep cleaning; on the other hand, a housekeeper only does a light cleaning because cleaning is just a part of housekeeping. Here are the services we render on housekeeping:

  • Clean the living room area, dust all the miniature displays, sweep, mopping, and vacuuming each room's entire floor. Scrub and disinfects the toilet in the bathroom and clean the mirrors. Clean the kitchen, disinfect the sinks and wipe down all the appliances. Do bed makings and change all linens in the bedrooms.
  • Wash and dry dishes, organized them on the dish cabinets.
  • Do laundry, fold, and iron clothes./li>
  • Prepare meals if permitted by the client.
  • Collecting the garbage and dispose of it properly.
  • Organize all things inside the house.
  • Run for errands.

Our Housekeepers Characteristics

Our housekeepers are chosen among the best to guarantee to provide excellent and quality services. We used to receive recommendations and reasonable rates from our previous clients. The following are the characteristics of a good housekeeper:

  • Skillful. Based on experiences, our service providers are competent enough to do the job.
  • Flexible. A housekeeper can do challenging tasks and can adapt when there are any plan changes.
  • Honest and trustworthy. Trust is the most important when doing this job, and they will be having full access to client's belongings and never get advantage to take something. Also, a good housekeeper should be honest enough about their faults and shortcomings. For example, they accidentally broke a saucer while washing dishes, the homeowner has the right to know it.
  • Time management. A housekeeper needs to finish all the tasks promptly.
  • Reliable. Suitable to provide a good quality service.

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