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Hospice Care

Here at Hospice Oklahoma OK, the type of treatment we provide focuses on raising the standard of living of people and their families dealing with a terminal illness. People in the final stages of incurable disease receive supportive treatment to live as satisfied and safely as possible.

The hospice perspective recognized death as the final stage of life, affirming life and avoiding attempts to hasten or delay death. Hospice treatment focuses on the patients and their symptoms rather than the illness itself. A team of professional clinicians collaborates to treat symptoms so that a person's final days are filled with dignity and is satisfied with his/her life, surrounded by those they love. Hospice treatment is also family-centered, in which the decision-making is left to the patient and/or the family.

What Hospice Oklahoma OK Provide?

Inpatient and Hospice Care

While most hospice service is provided at home, there can be occasions when you need to be admitted to a hospital, an extended-care facility, or an inpatient hospice center. Your home hospice service will help you arrange inpatient treatment and will be involved in your care as well as with your family. When you and your family are ready, you and your family will return to in-home care.

Meetings with the family

The patient’s condition will be informed to the family members and what to expect through regular meetings, which will be also lead by a hospice nurse or a social worker. These gatherings often provide an opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts, talk about what's going on and what's needed, and learn about death and the dying process. These meetings will provide a lot of support and stress relief for family members. Daily updates can also be provided informally during regular visits when the nurse or nursing assistant speaks with you and your caregivers.

Spiritual support

Spiritual treatment is adapted to your personal needs and religious views because everyone's spiritual needs and beliefs are different. It may include assisting you in contemplating what death means to you, saying goodbye, or helping with a religious rite or ritual.

Respite Care

Some hospice programs provide respite care for patients receiving care at home, allowing friends and family to take a break from caring for them. Respite treatment can be provided for up to five days, during which time the person with cancer is cared for in a hospice facility or in nursing homes or hospitals that have beds available. When you're being treated in an inpatient facility, your family can schedule a mini-vacation, attend special events, or simply relax at home.

Benefits Of Hospice Care

  • Hospice Oklahoma OK helps terminally ill patients and their families stay together in their own homes’ safety and dignity.
  • Hospice specialist offers pain and symptom control, helping a terminally ill person live as comfortably as possible.
  • Hospice Oklahoma OK focuses on the individual rather than the illness.
  • Hospice Oklahoma OK is focused on the quality of life rather than the quantity.
  • Hospices Oklahoma OK offers support for patients and their loved ones facing a life-limiting disease through an interdisciplinary group of knowledgeable specialists and volunteers.
  • Hospice is a cost-effective alternative to conventional institutional treatment and the high costs of hospitals. Many people think that hospice will help them save money.
  • Hospice treatment honors and represents a person's end-of-life preferences.
  • Hospice Care Oklahoma looks after not only the patient but also the rest of the family. A family member is someone with whom the patient has a close relationship.
  • According to recent research, people who prefer hospice treatment live longer than those with identical diagnoses who do not.

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